Does your website add value?

What is value added in terms of a website? Put simply, it is when your website adds value to your business. It stops being just a check-box on your marketing list where you say “I have a website, check.” It is when your website begins to do something that adds value to your business. That something is different for everyone. For ecommerce businesses, that value is enabling them to sell products to customers without paying rent for a physical store front. For service businesses, that value is generating leads for a potential sale. For restaurants, it may be that your website adds value simply by giving your customers the information to decide what to eat. This may include what‘s on your menu, what your prices are or what number to call for takeout. Value added is when you make your website work for you and your business.

Can a website take value away from my business? Yes, if your website looks like it belongs in a museum about how the internet started, it’s hurting your business. If your website is hard to use, it’s hurting your business. If your website doesn’t work on mobile, it’s hurting your business. A website that looks dated, is hard to use, or unresponsive (meaning it doesn’t work on all devices) is hurting your business. Did you know Google is actually listing websites that work on mobile higher in their listings now?

Consider this scenario, you are finished with your errands and trying to decide where to eat, you pull out your smart phone and start searching for restaurants nearby. You decide on pizza, no breadsticks though, you’re on a diet. You see that there is a Domino’s and a Local Pizza shop nearby roughly the same distance from where you are now. You decide you want to try something new so you choose the local pizza shop. You pull up their website, and you don’t see a phone number to call and order pizza, it was actually at the bottom of the page but you never saw it. Are you still going to order from them? Can you still order from them? Let’s say there is a phone number, but the website doesn’t work on your phone at all and you have to spend 5 minutes trying to zoom in and read the number to someone else because you can’t just click to call. Would you still order from them? Chances are you would just click back and call Domino’s or better yet, just order on your phone.

Now let’s say, you click their website, the number is front and center, you can click to call, and there is even a coupon online for 10% off breadsticks, you call and order pizza… plus breadsticks. This is value added, your website is adding value by making it easy for the customer to buy your product and also getting the customer to buy more than they had originally intended.

Done right your website will add value to your business and become a valuable asset. How does your website add value to your business? Is it adding value to your business? If not, ask yourself what it is that you want your website to do for your business. It’s impossible to get to your destination, if you don’t know where you’re going. If you are unsure about how to make your website add value to your business, call me at (253) 370-1374 or email me at


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